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Submitted to State Environmental Protection Administration of China (SEPA), Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) was established on Dec.31, 1978. As a national non-profit institute for environmental protection, CRAES carries out innovative basic scientific research on environmental protection, taking national strategy of sustainable development as the center. In the meantime, CRAES is also dedicated to providing of strategic foreseeing overall scientific and technological support to national environmental management and decision-making, serving for technical and consultative demands of main environment issues’ engineering during social economic development, which plays an irreplaceable role in improving scientific decision-making capability of China’s environmental protection.

Under concept of “Natural, Harmonious, Accumulation and Development”, CRAES attains a series of important national scientific and technological fruits in fields like basic theory of environmental sciences, applied basic theory as well as research and development of high-tech, making important contributions to China’s dealing with main environmental problems, environmental management institution establishment, technical regulation and standard constitution, pollution control technology development, ecological protection countermeasure establishment, as well as economic development pattern promotion and environmental-friendly society building, etc..
Through implementation of “Talent Strategy, Scientific and Technological Innovative Strategy and Environmental Standard Strategy”, CRAES has formed its environmental scientific innovative system, consisting mainly of Atmospheric Environmental Research, Water Environmental Research, Ecosystem Research, Environmental Engineering Technological Research, Environmental Safety Research, Cleaner Production and Circular Economy Research. There are totally 18 academic research directions and with 4 research institutes, 2 research centers, 5 scientific research institutions and 2 technical service units established. In the scientific research team, 3 academicians are included, with 40 professors and over 100 Ph.D. There are also 5 majors granting MA degree and 1 post-doctor working station. In CRAES, there is an environmental science and engineering and and station, which is collaborated with Beijing Normal University.

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